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2023 Board Members

Jennifer Eddy (President)

Hannah Shinault (President-Elect)
Chuck Lionberger, APR (Treasurer)

Rachel Spencer (Secretary)

Sherry Wallace (Immediate Past President)

Allison Moore (Director-at-Large)

Shayne Dwyer (Director-at-Large)

Brittany Madonna (Director-at-Large)

Lori Greiner (Director-at-Large)



The Blue Ridge Chapter of PRSA was launched in 1992. The public relations practitioners have loyally served the chapter as president over the years.

2022 Sherry Wallace

2021 Cayce Myers, Esq., APR

2020 Chris Turnbull

2019 Teresa Hall

2018 Scott Ramsburg
2017 Jen Ward
2016 Betsy Parkins
2015 Chuck Lionberger, APR
2014 Melinda Mayo
2013 Heidi Ketler, APR
2012 Nancy Simmons
2011 Laura Neff-Henderson, APR
2010 Thomas Becher, APR
2009 Beth Kolnok
2008 Amy Whittaker
2007 Jennifer Faulkner
2006 Chris Finley
2005 Shelly Whitaker, APR
2004 Robert Parker
2003 Michelle Brauns, APR
2002 Teresa Gereaux, APR
2001 Sarah Newbill
2000 Tom Ayers / Don Johnson, APR
1999 Catherine Doss
1998 Terri Jones
1997 Mary King
1996 Jeff Douglas, APR, Fellow PRSA
1995 Anne Marie Green, APR
1994 Linda Staley, APR, Fellow PRSA
1993 Pam Berg-Horner
1992 Pam Berg-Horner

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