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Keep your finger on the pulse of the Blue Ridge PRSA - check out what's happening in our April newsletter!

Can you believe it! We are already in April and 2024 seems to be flying by! April is not only the month that we welcome warmer weather, but it's also APR Month!

WHAT IS APR: The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential certifies your drive, professionalism, and principles, setting you apart from your peers and positioning you as a leader and mentor in the competitive public relations field.

Several of our BRPRSA members have achieved this prestigious designation. Read below to learn more about Stephanie & Chuck's "why":

Learn more about APR credentialing by clicking here.


Sponsorships, Helping our PR Grads &

Awards Committee!

Our sponsorship committee could really use your help in finding local businesses that would like to team up with BRPRSA to sponsor our awesome networking events!

If you've got any leads or contacts, just shoot a message over to Alla at


BRPRSA believes in investing in our students! But we also know, that students and recent grads can be on a fixed income....this is where you can help!

If you are interested in sponsoring a student to help with their PRSA dues, please reach out to Hannah at


Who doesn't appreciate the honor of receiving an award? We all do! But you know what's even more fulfilling? Collaborating and supporting other PR chapters by evaluating award entries! Our Awards Committee invites you to join in on the fun! Contact Sherry at for all of the info! (Pro Tip for APRs - judging is an opportunity to get service points!)


Did you know....

PRSA offers group membership! Group Membership is a great way to demonstrate the value of professional development and create easy access to continuing education on topics of special interest to public relations and communications professionals.  If you have 5 or more PR professionals in your organization, this is also a great way to save some money!

PRSA also offers professional development, webinars, and more, including topics like Tackling Misinformation! Find a full listing of PRSA resources by clicking here.

Ready to connect with members of our BRPRSA Board?
Just click on their names to drop them an email.

President-elect: Brittany Madonna

Secretary: Shayne Dwyer 

Want to get involved? We have opportunities for you to serve on committees! Reach out to Hannah for more information!


Stay in the know with this calendar of events for 2024! You will NOT want to miss what we have planned for 2024 (peep that April event!!!).

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